Master Electrician in Mississauga

Consult a licensed Master Electrician at Connex Electric to ensure safe and certified electrical work at your home or business in Mississauga. Specializing in low voltage electrical installations, code inspections and all major and minor electrical repairs and maintenance, our experienced professionals are qualified to oversee all aspects of power distribution and offer a complete inventory and configuration for all circuity, fixtures, cables and any other electrical feature. Whether you require code complaint wiring for a new construction or renovation project, or an interior or exterior electrical upgrade for lighting or security systems, our skilled master electrician is equipped to provide authorized diagnostics and energy efficient recommendations that meet all requirements.

Emergency Electrical Warning Signs

Available 24/ 7 for emergency electrical repairs anywhere in the Mississauga region, Connex Electric provides prompt service and repair for any electrical problem. Contact us if you notice any of the following:

  • • Outlet switches that are hot to the touch or giving off sparks indicate overloaded circuity and possibly loose wiring and contacts. Turn off the circuit breaker connected to the electrical device to eliminate any potential for an electrical fire and contact a master electrician immediately.
  • • Flickering lights and breakers that consistently trip signal an electrical overload and worn out wiring. Consult a qualified professional to inspect electrical fixtures which must also be checked and replaced on a regular basis.
  • • The electrical wiring in homes or buildings that are 20 years old or older is most likely outdated and should be evaluated for safety and efficiency. A Connex professional will ensure that wiring is up to standard and sufficient to accommodate the increased electrical demands of today's modern technology.

Quick Electrical Tip

Avoid doubling up on your electrical supply with the unsafe use of too many extension cords or by running multiple wires under rugs which may cause fire hazards. Consult a licensed electrician for advice about installing additional outlets that provide safety and peace of mind.

Electrical Code Compliance

A Connex Master Electrician is licensed to obtain all required electrical permits and is also authorized to provide certification of code compliance for any commercial or residential location in the Mississauga region. Protect your home and business with a qualified electrical inspection that may also be used for insurance purposes. We offer free estimates that include quotes for any proposed electrical work along with practical energy saving tips.

Energy Saving Tips from our Master Electrician

Ask about renewable energy upgrades for your power grid that save you money in the long run

Our customized electrical evaluations are specifically designed to improve home and workplace safety as well as energy efficiency.

Maximize the security of your Mississauga home or business with the latest security lighting systems that serve as effective crime deterrents and reduce insurance costs.

A Connex Electric lighting upgrade can help to reduce energy bills in addition to enhancing your lifestyle at home and improving business productivity at the workplace.

For a complete electrical evaluation and for answers to any electrical question or concern, contact the Master Electricians at Connex Electric.